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iDentical logos


Ever had an idea for a T-Shirt design? (We do all the time…) We're happy to produce one-off projects that you can take all the credit for! We'll even point you in the direction of some of our favourite print-on-demand suppliers. You can buy 'iDentical' on RedBubble.

K-OED™ Fightgear logos

K-OED™ Fightgear

K-OED™ Fightwear are a small fish in a mean pond. They need to be noticed in a market full of pretenders and wanna-be’s. Our competitor analysis found a chink in the oppositions’ armour… K-OED’s convex shape ‘Title Belt’ logo was born.

Sparrow Group Insurance logos

Sparrow Group Insurance

Sparrow Group are specialist insurance brokers to the beauty industry. Understanding this unique selling position helped us combine a corporate logo with a relaxed, playful colour palette so the brand is more relevant and appealing to salon owners.

Spectrum Home Planning logos

Spectrum Home Planning

Spectrum Home Planning represents the next generation in transportable home design. We created a sophisticated, corporate logo for them with a ligatured (joined) ‘S’ and ‘P’ which also forms a roofline. The whole shape also makes a positive, upward pointing arrow. What more could you want in a logo?