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Tricks from the big brands

The 100 most valuable Brands in the world use a few tricks that will work for you too … 

1 July 2012

The logos of all big Brands are unique and different, right? Well actually, there are about 28 common traits that tend to pop up over and over again in the logos of the world’s 100 most valuable Brands. Very few logos only have one or two of these traits. Some even have as many as eight or nine. But most have three or four on average.*

The most common trait we’ve identified is Brands that have a name that’s one single word. In fact, this is true in over two thirds of cases. About 20% have a symmetrical logo. Also, about 20% only use a 'wordmark' with no graphic icon at all…

Why do we only look at the world’s top 100 Brands? Afterall, there are more creative logos out there, right? Well, we use the top 100 for a few reasons. These logos have proven themselves in the global marketplace. Customers remember them generation after generation and don’t get them confused with their competitors easily. These logos have stood the test of time. For the most part, they’ve been around for decades – some a century or more.

The top 100 Brand logos are so strong they inspire loyalty across borders. They outlast passing trends in graphic design. They can also be updated without losing any of a Brand’s nostalgia or reputation. Our eyes ‘read’ these logos just like they were a letter of the alphabet. That’s what makes them so recognisable.

Big Brands do a lot more than carefully maintaining the ‘look’ of their logos too. The companies that own these Brands attach a value to them and list them on their balance sheets as a tangible asset. They protect them legally as unique trademarks. They also constantly invest to keep their Brand’s message and logo in front of you. It’s not enough for these Brands to just advertise what they do either – They actually manage your perception of them.

Next time you reach for your favourite big Brand, stop and take a closer look. Notice how the logo is used. Compare it to the other competitor logos and spot the differences – And the similarities. Try to remember why it is you even choose that Brand in the first place. There’s a reason for almost everything the big Brands do. Become an observer. Learn from them.

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*Source: Logologologo 2012 Top 100 Brand Audit.