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Your brand’s personality

Cheeky? Trusted? Show pony? What sort of personality would your Brand have if it were a friend?

1 July 2012

Customers sometimes relate to Brands the same way they do friends. There are some things they might look for… Honesty… An image that fits their values… Someone who can remember what’s important to them. If you understand this, customers will come back to you again. If you get it really right, they’ll go out of their way to find you! Here are some ideas you can pick and choose to help your Brand show its personality…


Slogans and jingles

What’s different about you? If you don’t know, then your customers might be just as likely to use your competitor. Find your unique selling position or point of difference and make that your consistent message. Slogans, jingles and positioning statements reinforce your story.



Just like your friends dress up for a big night out, your product needs to look its best when it’s out and about. The right photography for your staff and products is an investment that builds credibility. It’s is a must for brochures, flyers, press ads, magazine ads and your website too.



Professional copywriting or writing guidelines can help set the right tone for your Brand’s communications. And it's more than the obvious 'wordy' things like brochures. Professionally written tools like phone scripts can be invaluable during sales enquiries, or for managing complaints effectively.


Tune your database

Just like some friends don’t mix, particular offers and incentives will appeal more to some groups in your database than others. As you learn more about your customers, group them into like-minded sub groups. Then, instead of taking a scattergun approach to reach ALL of them every time, you can target multiple groups simultaneously with smaller campaigns tailored to what each group wants from your Brand.


Celebrity endorsement

Enlisting a high-profile personality with similar perceived values to your customers is a great way to build credibility with a market you want to reach. It’s like having friends in high places. If you’re small, this might be someone in-store or a professional talent who’s willing to become your Brand’s public face in local ads. If you’re budget is larger, you can even approach a celebrity or sports agent.

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