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The Licence Agreement

If there's anything in this Licence Agreement you don't understand, you should seek the advice of an I.P. professional.

1.0 The 'Single User Licence'

1.1 'The Client' is purchasing a 'Single User Licence' for 'The Logo'.

1.2 The 'Single User Licence' permits 'The Logo' to be reproduced in the following instances:

  1. Stationery for one business
  2. Signage and shop fit for one business
  3. Vehicle graphics for one business (multiple vehicles allowed)
  4. Outdoor advertising
  5. TV advertising
  6. Newspaper advertising
  7. Magazine advertising
  8. Printed brochures, flyers and marketing material
  9. The Client's website
  10. Online and digital advertising
  11. Sales displays / Trade shows
  12. Staff uniforms;
  13. Product packaging.

1.3 The 'Single User Licence' does not permit 'The Logo' to be used in the following instances unless 'The Client' first purchases a 'Multi-User Licence':

  1. Saleable merchandise
  2. Franchising
  3. Use by more than one business location
  4. Branding for multiple mobile businesses
  5. Packaging for products for sale online;
  6. Any other use.

2.0 'Multi-User Licences'

2.1 At any time, 'The Client' may purchase a 'Multi-User Licence' to use 'The Logo' in the following instances:

  1. Saleable merchandise
  2. Franchising
  3. Use by more than one business location
  4. Branding for extra mobile businesses;
  5. Packaging for products for sale online

2.2 The cost of 'Multi-User Licences' are as follows:

Extra business location (each) $ 119.00 AUD
Extra mobile business (each) $ 119.00 AUD
Packaging for online sales $ 119.00 AUD
Saleable merchandise (open use) $ 899.00 AUD
Franchisee (each) $ 1299.00 AUD

3.0 Disclosure of 'The Licence Agreement'

3.1 It is the sole responsibility of 'The Client' to disclose the existence and nature of the 'Single User Licence' and/or any 'Multi-User Licence' agreements for use of 'The Logo' to all relevant parties in the event 'The Client's Business' is offered for sale.

4.0 Transfer of 'The Licence Agreement'

4.1 'The Licence Agreement' is fully transferrable to any new owner of 'The Client's Business' subject to the existing broadcast limits accepted as part of 1.2, 1.3 and 2.1.

5.0 'Outright Purchase' of 'The Logo' (Transferral of copyright ownership)

5.1 At any time, 'The Client' may make an 'Outright Purchase' of copyright ownership of 'The Logo' at a cost of $1299.00 AUD.
5.2 Any 'Outright Purchase' of copyright ownership for 'The Logo' will be subject to 'Us' issuing 'The Client' with a 'Letter Assigning Transfer of Copyright Ownership.'

6.0 Cancellation of 'The Licence Agreement'

6.1 A 'Single User Licence' or 'Multi-User Licence' may be revoked and cancelled in the event of intentional reproduction of 'The Logo' other than the uses permitted in 1.2 and listed on the 'Single User Licence' or 'Multi-User Licence' supplied with 'The Logo'.

6.2 Any cancellation of the 'Single User Licence' or 'Multi-User Licence' will be advised in writing.

7.0 Definitions

Letter Assigning Transfer of Copyright Ownership:
Means a letter from 'Us' to 'The Client' which relinquishes our copyright ownership of 'The Logo' and any future claims to payment for its continued use.

Multi-User Licence:
Means the agreement between 'Us' and 'The Client' to expand the number of permissible limits for broadcast and publication of 'The Logo' other than those specified in a 'Single User Licence'.

Outright Purchase:
Means purchase of the copyright ownership to 'The Logo' by 'The Client'.

Single User Licence:
Means the agreement between 'Us' and the 'The Client' for use of 'The Logo' including the limits for its broadcast and publication.

The Client:
Means the person, company or entity commissioning 'The Logo'; wishing to purchase a 'Multi-User Licence' for 'The Logo'; or negotiating 'Outright purchase' of 'The Logo'.

The Client's Business:
Means the product / business / service / legal entity and/or supporting commercial or charitable activity for which 'The Logo' is commissioned.

The Logo:
Means the identifying mark, the creative concept behind it, and all accompanying digital artwork files.

The Licence Agreement:
Means the 'Single User Licence' or the 'Multi-User Licence'.

Means 'The Logo' author,

Trading Terms

  1. Quotes are valid for 30 days from the date shown on the Cost Estimate.
  2. A 50% deposit is required before work will commence. Deposits are non-refundable.
  3. Logos are provided subject to a 'Single User Licence' agreement and are for use by a single business or office location unless otherwise stated on the Cost Estimate. Please refer to 'The Licence Agreement'.
  4. 'Multi-User Licences' are available for any extra businesses or office locations that will use the logo. Please refer to the 'Licence Agreement'.
  5. We take all reasonable care, but accept no responsibility for errors after final approval. The Client must check all work carefully.
  6. Cancelled Orders may incur a cancellation fee of $24.99 AUD if work has already begun.
  7. We retain copyright ownership of all unused logo concepts.
  8. We reserve the right to reproduce artwork for self-promotion purposes including on our blog/website, unless otherwise requested by The Client.
  9. Additional concepts may be commissioned at $119.00 AUD per concept in addition to the price quoted in the Cost Estimate.
  10. In the event The Client loses artwork files, we may charge a nominal fee of $19.99 AUD to retrieve logo files and supply another CD.
  11. We reserve the right to refuse to undertake work if we believe a brief is obscene, inappropriate, or for any reason we deem fit. In this instance, 50% Deposits will be refunded in full.
  12. Estimated delivery times for logos are subject to unforeseen events outside our control.
  13. The price quoted in the Cost Estimate may change in the event of the following:
    1. The Client changes the Brief to us, (see definition for 'Changes to Brief' in 14.);
    2. The Client requests changes to material supplied to us, (see definition of 'Author's Corrections' or 'Author's Alterations' in 14.);
    3. The Client changes previous instructions they have given us, (see definition for 'Client Initiated Alterations' in 14.)
  14. Definitions of 'Changes to Brief', 'Author's Corrections' (or 'Author's Alterations') and 'Client Initiated Alterations' are as follows:
    1. Changes to Brief -
      These are changes to artwork concepts that are different to what was briefed. This is usually The Client wishing to change the style, feel, or the idea they want to communicate from what they initially told us.
    2. Author's Corrections (AC's) or Author's Alterations (AA's) -
      Author's Corrections are changes to words supplied to us not due to a typesetting error by us. These include the Client wishing to change a trading name or a slogan.
    3. Client Initiated Alterations -
      Client Initiated Alterations are changes to artwork that contradict previous instructions. These occur when The Client approves or requests a change to artwork, then reverses their decision.
  15. Payment Terms are strictly C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery).
  16. Costs are exclusive of GST unless otherwise stated and quoted in Australian Dollars (AUD).
  17. Any account queries must be raised within 3 working days of the date of issue on a Tax Invoice.
  18. The provision of services is subject to the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia in the State of Queensland and The Client submits to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Queensland, Australia.
  19. By signing a Cost Estimate or supplying us with a Work Order, The Client accepts these Trading Terms, as well as the terms of the 'Single User Licence' or 'Multi-User Licence' agreement.
  20. The rights in these Trading Terms are made in addition to Statutory Rights.

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