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Why a Single User Licence can save you

User Licence Agreements are saving our clients heaps in design fees. They're flexible. They also make our low prices possible.

'Single User Licences' give you the choice of buying or not buying a copyright transfer for your logo. It's a cost-effective way for you to get the right logo without paying big design fees.

How copyright works ...

How a Single User Licence works

A 'Single User Licence' means your logo is for use by a single business. (Just like some software on your computer might be licenced for one computer at a time).

If you expand, just purchase a Multi User Licence for each extra business that uses the logo. This way, you only pay for extra exposure if and when your Brand grows.

Use your logo on everything you need

Even if you don't purchase a copyright transfer still use your logo on stationery, signage, vehicle graphics, a shop or office fit-out, TV, newspaper ads, magazine ads, printed brochures and flyers, your website, online advertising, sales displays, staff uniforms, point of sale displays and packaging.

That's everything most Brands ever need.

Licence Agreement ...

What if your business grows?

When you open a new office, open more branches, launch more mobile vendors or franchise your business, just purchase as many 'Multi User Licences' as you need from $119.00 AUD each.

(That's about the same as a set of quality business cards. Or, only 35 coffees…!)

If you prefer, purchase a logo copyright transfer any time you like and have full, unlimited usage forever.