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Who owns your current logo?

Wow – You might be surprised to learn who legally owns your current logo … 

1 July 2012 

This is one of those strange facts from the world of copyright law… But in Australia, copyright ownership for artistic works belongs to the artist who creates the artwork, not the person it’s created for. In a lot of cases, that means the designer who creates a logo, or the business that employs that designer.* There can be some exceptions (like when designers create for government), but a lot of business owners are unaware they may not own copyright to the centrepiece of their own Brand.

Normally this isn‘t a problem. But, just say you open 100 new stores with your logo on them all – You can image the logo designer might feel under-compensated if they thought you were a one shop operation when they quoted to win the design job. That’s because a lot of experienced Brand designers charge using a sliding scale. (i.e. The more places a logo is going to be seen, the more the designer charges).

We’re not saying you should hit the panic button. Or start abusing your old logo’s designer. It’s just a matter of having some simple housekeeping paperwork in order. Fortunately for Logologologo customers, this is something we do up-front.

We offer Single User Licences for our logos. Single User Licences list all the agreed places a logo can be used, with the provision to purchase Muti User Licences if and when a Brand grows. (Read The Licence Agreement for a full list of uses). In a lot of cases, extending the number of additional User Licences for a logo (e.g. opening a new office) works out a lot cheaper than if you purchase copyright ownership for the logo outright, so that’s what our customers choose. It’s also what we recommend unless you’re a large business with a big profile and you want to list the value of your Brand (including your logo) on your balance sheet.

Still, if you simply MUST own your copyright to sleep at night, just let us know. We quote the cost of copyright transfer up-front, and hold that price for as long as you use the logo. That means you can purchase a copyright transfer anytime you like – even some time way down the track. For more information on copyright law in Australia, visit or talk to an I.P. professional.

© 2012 PO Box 805 Burleigh Heads QLD 4220 *Source: ‘A guide to Intellectual Property for Australia’s Graphic Designers’, Design Victoria, AGDA, IP Australia.