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A logo you’ll keep forever

It’s flattering if people like your logo. It’s even better if they remember YOU rather than competitors.  

1 July 2012

Most people won’t buy your product or service purely because they liked your logo. For this reason, we never ask if people LIKE a logo. Instead, we ask if they find a logo MEMORABLE … Here are our top tips for coming up with a memorable logo you’ll want to keep forever.


Know what your logo means

Choose a logo to symbolise something personal or inspirational to your business. Even if customers don’t know what inspired the logo design, it will still be a source of personal pride and inspiration to you. It’s the sort of logo you’ll want to wake up to every day.


Tell us what you like

Whatever your business is, we take into account your likes and dislikes. Then we incorporate proven design techniques that the world’s most valuable Brands use. When you ask us for a quote, we’ll email some questions to help tease out which style of logo will be best for you. The questions take about half an hour to fill out and are specially designed to help you set benchmarks for us and identify your main competitors. Our article 'Logo tricks the big Brands use' will help you understand more about the system.


Commit for the future

Rebranding without a genuine reason is expensive and wastes the goodwill customers build up with a Brand over time. We recommend not changing your logo that often (if ever). But as your Brand develops, you may want to refine your logo based on the way it gets used most often. Our logo update service does this by reviewing common uses of the logo and retaining its most memorable features.*


Always choose quality suppliers

Even a great logo will look poor if it’s stretched, coloured incorrectly, or used in bad graphic design. Always use quality suppliers like printers, sign writers, marketers, web developers and graphic designers who will respect your logo and the Brand you’re building. Remember, often a good judge of a supplier is how seriously they take their own branding.

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*Logo update service is also available for logos not designed by Logologologo providing you have a letter assigning copyright transfer.