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The value of branding

Your logo is the public face of your business.

The same tricks the world's most valuable Brands use to identify themselves can work for your Brand too. That's because the right logo really creates RECOGNITION for your business.

It's easy to build a consistent Brand identity as your marketing message grows.

What makes us special?

We study logos. In fact, we study the logos of the world's top 100 Brands.

Why study these logos?

Well, these logos have stood the test of time. They've also proven themselves with customers for decades or more.

Our system is based on what works for these Brands and finds a clear direction to identify your business over competitors.

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How our system works

Our logo design system blends creativity with science.

We maximise your Brand's potential recall by analysing competitors and considering how your logo will look when it's really small (say, on a USB stick) or really big (like on a truck or billboard).

Then we give you all the logo files you need. There are no confusing buzzwords. There's even an option not to purchase a copyright transfer which can save bundles…

Are we right for you?

Logologologo is for business owners and marketers serious about building a Brand around a proven business.

We create simple, memorable logos to IDENTIFY Brands over their competitors.

Our branding packages are ideal for getting a business ready to grow, or even to sell.

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