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Sell more with ads that work

Have you ever turned down the volume on an ad you thought was annoying? Now stop and think back … Have you ever bought something after seeing an ad just like that? …

1 July 2012

… Odds are you have. Most of us have. It’s true that strong branding on it’s own lets people see your Brand is around. But there’s a big difference between people who’ve seen (or heard of) your Brand, and people who actually buy from you. Customers expect Brands to deliver in line with their expectations. This is true if you’re at the prestige end of the market, or at the discount end of the market. All customers look for a consistent experience. It’s why your Brand needs a voice (advertising messages) and support (a service policy to back those messages up).


Find your Brand’s message

Most pieces of communication only leave room for one message to be remembered. It pays to know which message you want to communicate during and after a sale through your sales people, and which messages are better communicated in your advertising. Avoid the temptation to mix these messages up, otherwise your unique selling position can get muddied. e.g. A lot of first time advertisers are tempted to add their full list of services to an ad rather than plugging one single, strong offer and their point of difference to get people through the door.

Think through a strong call to action for your ads too. What is it you want people to do after they see or hear your ad?… Pick up the phone and call you?… Drop into your store or sales centre?… Visit your website?… If you leave it up to a customer to work it out, they may decide on the wrong course of action. Worse, they may decide to do nothing. The strongest calls to action give customers an URGENT reason to act. Remember the ‘thingy’ you bought because it was on sale for ONE weekend only?… Well, if a sense of urgency prompted you to act, it will prompt your customers to act too.


Support your claims

Service policies are the ‘behind the scenes’ part of your message that give you the opportunity to communicate longer, more complex ideas than ads can. If you’re a budget retailer advertising a ‘best price guarantee’, make sure your sales process makes customers feel they’ve gotten the best possible deal. If you’re a prestige brand offering ‘an exceptional service experience’, design procedures to exceed customer expectations – every time. Remember, you’re only as good as a customer’s last experience with you, so keep your staff informed about what your key message is, and how they back up that claim. Create trademarks to Brand your innovations (like warranties, service guarantees or incentive schemes). This can make your point of difference tangible to customers. Read our article Discover your Brand’s personality for other ideas.

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