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Trade marks part 1 - Unregistered

Unregistered trade marks still carry the ‘TM’ symbol. It tells the world that you’re unique and you know it…

1 July 2012

Trademarks are valuable things, so it pays to treat them just as you would any other asset like a building or an expensive piece of machinery. 

In Australia, your logo or trademark does NOT have to be registered. (This is known as an unregistered trademark.) When you add the ™ symbol, it indicates you are claiming a word or logo as a trademark. It can let other traders know they shouldn’t imitate you because you’re serious about your reputation. 

Even if you don’t register your trade mark(s), still make it your policy to guard your Brand seriously, just like the world’s 100 most valuable Brands do. Trademarks are important because they distinguish your products and services from other traders. Customers expect a consistent experience from your Brand, and your trademark will come to carry that reputation. As your Brand grows, this adds value to your trademark too. 

Many things can become your trademark. These include a logo, a picture, a letter, a word, a phrase, a number, a shape, a sound, a smell or an aspect of your packaging. Some businesses may even want to trade mark a combination of these things, like the shape of a bottle along with the name that goes on it. 

When we produce your logo artwork files, we’re happy to work the ™ symbol into the logo design so it doesn’t look out of place. You can use the ™ symbol in your written documents too. To find the ™ symbol on your Mac just type Option + 2. In Windows® on a PC type Alt + 0153. 

For a plain English kit explaining everything you need to know about trademarks in Australia, visit or talk to an I.P. professional.

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